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Difference Between Gate Valve And Globe Valve

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Gate valves and globe valves are both common types of valves used to control the flow of fluids in pipes. 

However, there are some key differences between the two types of valves.

Gate valves

• Gate valves use a gate-like disc to close off the flow of fluid.

• Gate valves are typically used for on/off applications.

• Gate valves are not as good at throttling flow as globe valves.

• Gate valves are typically larger and heavier than globe valves.

Gate valve diagram

Globe Valves

Globe valves use a plug or ball to close off the flow of fluid.

Globe valves can be used for on/off applications and for throttling flow.

Globe valves are more compact than gate valves.

Globe valves are typically more expensive than gate valves.

Glove valve Vs gate valve

Here is a table summarizing the key differences between gate valves and globe valves:


Gate Valve

Globe Valve

Closure mechanism

Gate-like disc

Plug or ball



On/off and throttling

Flow control

Not as good


Size and weight

Larger and heavier

Smaller and lighter


Less expensive

More expensive

In general, gate valves are a good choice for applications where on/off control is needed and where throttling is not a major concern. Globe valves are a good choice for applications where both on/off control and throttling are needed.

Here are some additional factors to consider when choosing between a gate valve and a globe valve:

• The type of fluid: Gate valves are generally better suited for handling viscous fluids, while globe valves are better suited for handling non-viscous fluids.

• The pressure rating: The pressure rating of the valve must be high enough to withstand the maximum pressure in the system.

• The size of the valve: The size of the valve must be large enough to accommodate the flow rate of the fluid.

• The type of connection: The type of connection must be compatible with the piping system.

• The cost: The cost of the valve must be factored into your budget.

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