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Molybdenum Powder

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Molybdenum powder is a finely divided, gray metallic material composed primarily of molybdenum (Mo) particles. It is obtained through various techniques, including:

1. Atomization: Molten molybdenum is broken down into fine droplets using a high-pressure gas stream, which solidify rapidly as powder.
2. Chemical vapor deposition (CVD): Molybdenum is deposited as a powder on a substrate from its gaseous precursors.
3. Electrodeposition: Molybdenum ions are deposited as a powder on a cathode from an electrolyte solution.

Here's a breakdown of some key aspects of molybdenum powder:


1. High melting point: Similar to bulk molybdenum, making it suitable for high-temperature applications.
2. High electrical conductivity: Useful in electrical components and heat sinks.
3. Good wear resistance: Makes it valuable for wear-resistant coatings and parts.
4. High thermal conductivity: Efficiently conducts heat, beneficial in heat dissipation applications.
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