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Quarter-turn actuator applications

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Quarter-turn actuators are widely used in various industries for automating the operation of valves and other devices that require a 90-degree rotation for full closure or opening. These actuators play a crucial role in enhancing efficiency, safety, and control in different applications. Here are some common applications of quarter-turn actuators:

1. Valve Automation:

Ball Valves: Quarter-turn actuators are extensively used to automate ball valves, which are commonly employed in industrial processes, water treatment plants, and pipelines. The quick operation of quarter-turn actuators is well-suited for applications where rapid shutoff or opening is required.

Butterfly Valves: Butterfly valves, known for their quick quarter-turn operation, are often automated using these actuators. They find applications in HVAC systems, water distribution, and various industrial processes.

1. Dampers and Louvers:

Quarter-turn actuators are employed to automate dampers and louvers in HVAC systems, industrial ventilation, and air handling units. These actuators provide precise control over airflow and ventilation systems.

2. Process Control:

In industrial processes, quarter-turn actuators are used for process control applications, ensuring the seamless operation of valves to regulate the flow of fluids or gases. This is particularly critical in chemical processing, petrochemical plants, and refineries.

3. Oil and Gas Industry:

Quarter-turn actuators are widely used in the oil and gas sector for automating valves in pipelines, wellheads, and processing plants. The rapid and reliable operation of these actuators is essential for maintaining the integrity of the overall system.

4. Water and Wastewater Treatment:

In water and wastewater treatment facilities, quarter-turn actuators automate valves used in processes such as filtration, disinfection, and sludge handling. The efficiency and speed of these actuators contribute to the reliability of these critical processes.

5. Marine and Offshore Applications:

Quarter-turn actuators are employed in marine and offshore systems, automating valves and other equipment on ships, offshore platforms, and drilling rigs. Their compact design and reliable operation make them well-suited for these challenging environments.

6. Power Generation:

In power plants, quarter-turn actuators play a role in automating valves in various processes, including steam generation, cooling systems, and fuel handling.

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