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check valves functions

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The check valve, which is also called a non-return valve or one-way valve, simply allows fluid to go through it in one direction only. It opens automatically when the pressure from the inlet side exceeds that from the outlet side and shuts off when the pressure from the outlet side exceeds that from the inlet side. This inhibits backflow which can ruin equipment, contaminate fluids or result in other issues. This prevents backflow, which can damage equipment, contaminate fluids, or create other problems. Check valve

Here are some of the common functions of check valves:

• Preventing backflow: This is one of most common purposes for having a check valve installed. Backflow happens when there is more pressure on the outlet than there is on the inlet. It may be caused by gravity, pumps stopping suddenly or any other reason as such. Since backflow destroys machines, pollutes liquids and gives rise to different difficulties for users with this kind of valve installation they close spontaneously if their reverse flow exceeds their forward flow.

• Protecting pumps: Pumps can be protected from damage by backflow, as check valves can be used for this purpose. When the pump is turned off, the pressure in the pipe that is situated downstream of it will fall. The fluid can go back to the impeller or other components of a pump and impair them. Closing when there is low pressure downstream of a pump check valves prevent such things from happening.

• Maintaining pressure: Pressure in a system can be kept by using check valves. For example, water in a pressurized tank can be retained through a check valve. Should the tank’s pressure decrease, then the check valve would shut thus preventing water from streaming out of tank.

• Preventing water hammer: Water hammer refers to a sudden pressure increase that occurs in pipes when suddenly closing of a valve takes place. This could lead to destruction of pipes, equipment and stoppage valves. Check vales help avoid water hammering by gradually shutting down when flow stops.

Check valves are used in various applications including:

• Sanitary system

• HVAC systems

• Process piping industry

• Vehicles

• Nautical systems

• Etc

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