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gate valve applications

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The gate valve symbol is used in diagrams and blueprints to clearly convey the presence and type of a gate valve within a piping system.
It enables engineers and technicians to easily visualize the valve's position and function within the overall flow of fluids.
Basic Shape for gate valve symbol:

Bowtie-like: The gate valve symbol's core resembles a bowtie, formed by two triangles meeting at a point. This shape visually represents the valve's structure, with the triangles symbolizing the two halves of the valve body.
Key Elements:

Vertical Line: A straight vertical line is drawn within the bowtie shape, bisecting it. This line signifies the gate, the crucial component that moves up and down to either block or allow fluid flow.
Horizontal Lines: Extending outward from the triangles' bases are solid horizontal lines, representing the pipe connections that attach to the valve.

Arrow: In some cases, an arrow is added to the symbol, superimposed on the horizontal lines. The arrow's direction indicates the intended flow of fluid when the valve is open.

Additional Markings:
Stem Type: Specific markings might be included to differentiate between different types of gate valves, such as:
Rising Stem Gate Valve: An upward-pointing arrow within the valve body.
Non-Rising Stem Gate Valve: A horizontal line within the valve body.
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