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Molybdenum Concentrate

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Molybdenum concentrate is a crucial intermediate product in the production of molybdenum metal. It is a concentrated form derived from mined molybdenum ore, typically containing 50-60% molybdenum (Mo), primarily in the form of molybdenum sulfide (MoS2).

Key characteristics:

1. Appearance: Black or dark grey powder with a metallic luster.
2. Composition: Primarily MoS2, with varying amounts of other minerals depending on the source ore.
3. Application: Primarily used for the production of molybdenum metal through further processing steps.

Molybdenum metal applications:
1. Alloying agent: Strengthening steel and other metals for various applications.
2. Electrical components: Filaments, electrodes, and contacts due to its high melting point and conductivity.
3. Catalysts: Used in various chemical reactions.
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