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butterfly valve price butterfly valve price
butterfly valve price butterfly valve price


butterfly valve price

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The price of a butterfly valve can vary significantly based on several key elements:

1. Material: Stainless steel and carbon steel are popular choices due to their corrosion resistance and strength. Forging or casting methods also influence the cost, with forging often associated with higher strength and durability, which may reflect in a slightly higher price point.

2. Size (DN50-DN2600): The size of the valve directly affects the price. Larger diameter valves like DN2600 require more material and manufacturing expertise, thus commanding a higher cost compared to smaller DN50 valves.

3. Design & Features: Wafer style, lug type, or double-eccentric designs come with different operational features and complexity, impacting the overall price. Thunli's valves cater to various specifications, providing solutions for all types of installations.

4. Quality & Certification: As an ISO-certified company, Xi'an Thunli ensures all its butterfly valves meet international quality standards, which might translate into a premium price over non-certified alternatives, guaranteeing peace of mind and superior performance.

5. Customization & Accessories: Additional options such as actuation, position indicators, or specialized coatings can add to the base price of the valve. Thunli provides customized solutions tailored to individual project needs.
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